Our Founders' Observation Riverwalk is 600 feet of walking pleasure that gives beautiful views of Matanzas Bay and St. Augustine's inlet. Whether you stroll its length during the morning or the afternoon, the scenery is stunning.

Look north to the modern sweeping lines of the Usina Bridge that spans North River. Or gaze east toward St. Augustine's inlet – perhaps you'll see the white line of breakers as the timeless rhythm of the Atlantic ebbs and swells against the same sand bars that protected the original settlement of St. Augustine. Look south and the pleasing lines of 1927's Bridge of Lions catch your eye, then those of 1672's Castillo de San Marcos, and those of 1965's Great Cross, which commemorated the 400th anniversary of the founding of the town.

As you walk its length, simply turn around and you are instantly transported back nearly 450 years in time to the initial Spanish occupation. Looking back at the Park, you can see the watchtower and cannon as they defend the original 1565 site of St. Augustine – look further, and you see the Astillero which holds the chalupa that is under construction and the village of Seloy tucked back away from the shore.

As your gaze falls upon the reconstructed Mission of Nombre de Dios church, you will realize that this is truly a special place – a place that spans the centuries. Stop by Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park and experience it for yourself.