The Spring House at Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is a beautiful 60-year old coquina building that encompasses the original spring that was recorded in a seventeenth century Spanish land grant. With signed guest books stretching back to 1868, the Fountain of Youth is the oldest attraction in Florida, and the Spring House is the centerpiece of the historical Juan Ponce de Leon experience at the Park. The spring issues forth directly from the Floridan aquifer, which lies below ground under much of North Florida. The water contains over 30 minerals and the spring would have been the perfect replenishment site for Juan Ponce de Leon's ships upon landing on Florida's shores 500 years ago.

If you visit on a cold winter's day, be sure to warm your hands by the crackling fire in the coquina fireplace. Take a sip from Juan Ponce de Leon's Spring of Eternal Hope.  Do you believe?

Be it known by this that I, Alonzo Soriano, shareholder and resident of Brillar, contributed and certify to the public that I was present at the beginning of the rising and setting of the Sun. By order of the Royal Crown of Aragon he made his description at the Fountain which is good and sweet to the taste. It was in the year 1513.